C1: Mandate

C1: Mandate


  1. To actively follow ongoing work in IUPAP’s Commissions and Working Groups.
  2. To identify the need for changes or additions to goals and policy of the Union and to advise the Executive Council and the General Assembly on actions to be taken.
  3. To advise on issues that might arise in the interactions of IUPAP with other entities such as UNESCO and the International Council of Science.
  4. To take part in planning of the meetings of the IUPAP Council and General Assembly.
  5. To advise the Administration of the Union on the policies adopted by the Executive Council and the General Assembly.


  1. To make recommendations to the Executive Council and the General Assembly on policy concerning dues, contracts and other sources of income.
  2. To recommend action to be taken in the case of arrears of dues.
  3. To recommend to the General Assembly policy on expenditure so as to fulfil the aims of the Union.
  4. To examine the auditors reports and make recommendations to the General Assembly on the choice of the future external audit group.

Please send updated information and corrections to the IUPAP Administrator.