C11: Particles and Fields

C11: Particles and Fields

The Commission on Particles and Fields (C11) was established by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics in 1957 to promote the exchange of information and views among the members of the international scientific community in the general field of Particles and Fields.

IUPAP C11, Particles and Fields, is solicit applications from institutions interested in hosting the International Conference on Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics (TIPP) in 2023.

Interested parties should contact the C11 Chair – Heidi Schellman (Heidi.Schellman(at)oregonstate.edu). The deadline for written applications is May 15, 2021 and proposals will be discussed (virtually) at the conference May 24-28 (2021) https://indico.cern.ch/event/981823/

The TIPP conference series, a science-driven cross-disciplinary conference, started in Tsukuba, Japan in 2009 and have been alternating every third year between America, Europe and Asia: Chicago (2011), Amsterdam (2014), Beijing (2017), Vancouver (2021, online). The conference usually attracts more than 500 attendees. The program focus is on the technology, detector development and instrumentation in particle physics, astro-particle physics and closely related fields. The application should contain the information about the participating institutions, the local organizing committee, conference facilities, the budget and the expected level of local support. A brief description of recent large international conferences hosted by the organization team is also relevant.

Please see:

https://archive2.iupap.org/commissions/c11-particles-and-fields/c11-conference-guidelines/ for the full conference guidelines.