WG2: Communication in Physics

WG2: Communication in Physics

Working Group 2 (WG2), Communication in Physics, was created by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. It has been reconstituted to consider the problems that are emerging in electron publishing, and particularly considers internet availability/ reliability, linking between societies and publishers, availability of electronic communication in isolated areas, archiving, peer review, and intellectual property.

Charge to Working Group

It is the primary mission of the working group to make a set of recommendations on important issues in the international aspects of physics communication, especially electronic publication, that are appropriate for IUPAP action.


Chair: Jens Vigen, CERN
Past Chair: Gene Sprouse

Daniel Kulp
Xavier Bouju

Enrique Canessa, ICTP
Nicola Gulley
Li Lu
Sergio M Rezende
Mitsuaki Nozaki, KEK


Report to the General Assembly: 20052014
Report to the IUPAP Council and Commission Chairs: 20102015 (Oct)
First report: 2001


  • Peer Review
    13-14 October 2011


Website for the Long Term Archiving of Digital Documents in Physics.