Application For Conference Endorsement

Application For Conference Endorsement

Application for Conference Endorsement can be received at any time for conferences to be held at any time in the future.

After the meeting the organisers will be required to provide a report via the Report Form.  Organisers should plan to capture the information to be able to fully report on their meeting and especially note that this form seeks detail on  the number of women in the Program committee / Advisory committee / Organising committee, number of women members attending and the number of invited women speakers.

    1. Fill in the blanks below.
    2. When you submit this form using the button below, copies will be sent to the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary of the Commission you have selected under “Name of IUPAP Commission”, as well as to the Associate Secretary General and to the IUPAP Office.

    Application for Conference Endorsement

    Before completing this form, please read the IUPAP policies for the endorsement of IUPAP conferences.

  • 1. Basic Information

  • 2. Scientific value of conference and committees

    A) Ongoing series: Briefly describe the scope of the conference. There should be a clear need for the proposed conference. A statement should be given as to why the series should be continued. Please email a programme and list of speakers from one or more recent conferences to the IUPAP secretariat


    New conference: Bearing in mind that the proliferation of conferences is of general concern, describe below the particular reason for holding this conference. Its relationship to existing conferences should also be given.

  • Scientific quality, international character and diversity

    B) The composition of Advisory and Program Commitees should give evidence of scientific quality, international character and diversity. It is expected that all IUPAP endorsed conferences include women as members of their program committees.

    Organisers will be expected to report on the conference via the Report Form after the conference.

  • 3. Please enter the number of:

  • 4. Conference cycle

  • 5. International participation

    To qualify for IUPAP Endorsement:

    1. The meeting must be open to scientists regardless of nationality and citizenship.

  • 6.Organisation

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.