Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

Proceedings from IUPAP Sponsored Conferences 1993-2004

The IUPAP Council in 2013 reiterated that as a guideline to enhance scientific value of supported conferences, publication of conference proceedings is encouraged although it is not a pre-requisite for funding. The Organizers may communicate the content of their conferences in other formats, such as links to presentations or slides of plenary talks.

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Proceedings from international conferences are often published and distributed in a way that does not make them easily available to physics libraries and the physics community. While IUPAP has studied the problem and issued recommendations to mitigate it, we are still approached by interested parties for information regarding the availability of proceedings of IUPAP sponsored conferences. Organizers of these conferences have been requested to inform the office of the Associate Secretary General about the publication of proceedings.

The following list comprises information for conferences held in 1993-99 and having published proceedings that are available. The conferences are numbered as they have appeared in past news bulletins containing the official lists of IUPAP sponsored conferences. Conference organizers who have not transmitted this information about proceedings of 1997, 1998 and 1999 conferences are kindly requested to do so at their earliest convenience, so that this record may be as complete as possible for future reference.

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