Boltzmann & Young Scientist Award

The Boltzmann Medal

– Boltzmann Ceremony & Presentation: July 24(Wed), 2013

The Boltzmann Award was instituted by the Commission on Statistical Physics (C3) of the IUPAP to honor outstanding achievements in Statistical Physics. It is presented by the Commission at the STATPHYS meeting. The award consists of a glided medal (the Boltzmann Medal) with the inscription of Ludwig Boltzmann.

The C3 Commission is pleased to announce that the Boltzmann Medal has been awarded during STATPHYS25 to:

Giovanni Jona-Lasinio

Giovanni Jona-Lasinio: For his seminal contributions to spontaneous symmetry breaking in particle physics and the theory of non-equilibrium fluctuations.



Harry SwinneyHarry Swinney: For his ingenious and challenging experiments which have had a large impact on many areas of statistical physics.



And the most recent Young Scientist Prize:

Takahiro SagawaTakahiro Sagawa: For developing a comprehensive theoretical framework to characterize the thermodynamics of nonequilibrium systems with feedback control.



Kazumasa TakeuchiKazumasa Takeuchi: For his outstanding experiments on fluctuation properties of growing interfaces in turbulent liquid crystals.