C6 Young Scientist Winners 2012, 2013, 2014

The 2012, 2013 and 2014 IUPAP Young Scientist Prizes for C6: Biological Physics were awarded during the 8th IUPAP International Conference of Biological Physics (ICBP 2014)
to be held 18-22 June, 2014 in Beijing, China, to the following scientists:

  • 2014 Dr Yi Cao [Nanjing University, China], “For his seminal contributions to development and application of atomic force microscope based single molecule force spectroscopy to study the nanomechanics and mechanical unfolding dynamics of proteins. This work is a milestone for our current understanding of the mechanical design of mechanically stable elastomeric proteins, and opens tremendous new opportunities for tailoring the mechanical properties of biomaterials.”, and
  • 2013 Dr Marina Kuimova [Imperial College London, UK ], “For her seminal contributions to elucidating the intracellular environment during normal cell function and photodynamic therapy using advanced imaging techniques. To this aim, Dr Marina Kuimova has developed highly innovative time-resolved optical techniques and has pioneered the use of novel fluorescent molecular rotors to map intracellular viscosity.”, and
  • 2012 Dr Tuomas Knowles [University of Cambridge, UK], “For his seminal contributions to the biophysics of macromolecular self-assembly into highly ordered bio-polymers in the context of both, fundamental biophysics and application in materials science and molecular medicine. This work represents a remarkable advance that has fundamentally changed the way we understand assemble and mis-assemble processes of proteins at the molecular level.”