C3: Awards

C3: Awards

IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Statistical Physics

C3 is pleased to announce the award of IUPAP Young Scientist Prizes in Statistical Physics to the below recipients in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the areas of physics within the remit of the Commission.

C3 Commission Award – The Boltzmann Medal

Year STATPHYS Recipients
2016 25 Daan Frenkel and Yves Pomeau
2013 25 Giovanni Jona-Lasinio and Harry L. Swinney
2010 24 J. Cardy and B. Derrida
2007 23 K. Binder and G. Gallavotti
2004 22 E. G. D. Cohen and H. E. Stanley
2001 21 B. J. Alder and K. Kawasaki
1998 20 E. H. Lieb and B. Widom
1995 19 S. F. Edwards
1992 18 J. L. Lebowitz and G. Parisi
1989 17 L. P. Kadanoff
1986 16 D. Ruelle and Y. Sinai
1983 15 M. E. Fisher
1980 14 R. J. Baxter
1977 13 R. Kubo
1975 12 K. G. Wilson

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